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Your Growing Child's Mission, Vision, and Values

YGC’s Mission

Your Growing Child provides a safe, warm, and nurturing educational environment that fosters early childhood cognitive, emotional, and behavioral development while instilling a love for learning in each child. Our mission is achieved through the careful selection, training, and continuing development of exceptionally devoted childcare professionals who work as a team to create a supportive community of children, parents, and staff.

YGC’s Vision

Your Growing Child will continue to build upon its reputation and position as Dripping Springs’ leading childcare center.

YGC’s Six Core Values:


  • Positive and Safe Learning Environment: We maintain a positive and safe environment that fosters exceptional childhood learning and development

  • Respect: We are committed to mutual respect between teachers, staff, children and parents

  • Child-centric approach: We strive to make child-centric decisions, focused always on what is best for the children

  • Community and Teamwork: We place high value on our learning community and the teamwork required between teachers, staff, directors, and parents to achieve the greatest outcomes for our children

  • Open and Honest Communication: We believe that respectful, open, and honest communication is central to our mission

  • Inspire a Love of Learning: We are committed to inspiring each child in a way that instills a love of learning and assures that they are given the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral skills to succeed

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